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Todd Cohen's Tuesday Toddcast! with Todd Cohen, CSP Keynote Speaker and Author of "Everyone's in Sales"

Dec 30, 2018

STOP making objections a "show stopper".  Handling ANY Objection is actually MUCH easier than we think and yet we freeze at the objection -and make it personal.  STOP the madness!  Learn the secret and bet ahead now.

Nov 27, 2018

Every conversation is a selling moment. This has been my signature message and a cornerstone of my keynote and workshops on sales culture. At times, it is met with some skepticism, a smirk, eye roll or a raised eyebrow. Here is a real life example of how this fact changed and saved my life.

Nov 13, 2018

In this special preview of Todd Cohen's Sales Culture Virtual Classroom, you can listen and learn how to activate your Virtual Sales Team - and achieve YOUR goals faster and more profitably.

Oct 1, 2018

Smash Your Sales Stereotypes - Part One

Everyone’s in sales. Every conversation we have with every person we meet every day is a selling opportunity. Skeptical?  Read on.

“Everyone’s in sales”-and we are always selling because selling is as natural as breathing and like breathing, we are doing it all the time....

Sep 16, 2018

Sales Culture is the "New" Sales Training!

Being seen and heard in today's overconnected and saturated world is more complex and challenging than ever. Competing for peoples limited and shrinking mindshare is brutal and unforgiving. Finding a way to stand out and be different is mandatory.

Are you with an organization...