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Todd Cohen's Tuesday Toddcast! with Todd Cohen, CSP Keynote Speaker and Author of "Everyone's in Sales"

Oct 1, 2018

Smash Your Sales Stereotypes - Part One

Everyone’s in sales. Every conversation we have with every person we meet every day is a selling opportunity. Skeptical?  Read on.

“Everyone’s in sales”-and we are always selling because selling is as natural as breathing and like breathing, we are doing it all the time....

Sep 16, 2018

Sales Culture is the "New" Sales Training!

Being seen and heard in today's overconnected and saturated world is more complex and challenging than ever. Competing for peoples limited and shrinking mindshare is brutal and unforgiving. Finding a way to stand out and be different is mandatory.

Are you with an organization...

Aug 27, 2018

Ready to attract connections, customers, referrals, and opportunities? Network and build relationships in ways that work for and your objectives? Enjoy a more successful and satisfying career and life?

Listen to my guest Patti DeNucci share her tips on effective Networking!

Unlike many networking specialists who...

Aug 6, 2018

Selling is communicating and we all need to find new and exciting ways to communicate!

Check out my latest Sales Culture Toddcast with John Schnall President of Quality-Schnallity as he shares his exciting perspective on how animation can help us all sell!

This is GREAT stuff!

Jul 2, 2018

Learn how Stu Schlackman makes helps improve connections and conversations by color coding your personality!

Understanding a person‘s personality preferences will add a new dimension to team interaction, and with customers and prospects. Knowing what motivates individuals to action, how they prefer to communicate, and...